Using  AES 128-bit encryption, securely access appointments to view or make appointments with ease.

iOfficeHours works with Medisoft Advanced or Network Professional version 15 and higher.  Does not require a server OS to run, this will run on XP, Vista or Windows 7.  Static IP not required, dynamic DNS service can be used but it does require a port forwarded

Perfect for the single provider or doctors wanting to know their schedule for planning.   Easy to use, access patient contact information with a few quick taps and email or call from clicking on their appointment time.  Contact your local Medisoft VAR or us for more information on how to get this to work for you.

Want to demo this for free?  From your iPhone go to the app store and search for Medisoft and install iOfficeHours to view demo data and test on our demo server.  When you are ready to purchase contact one of our resellers for server side installation. 

Released for Droid!